Trust in the Lord

       Every breath we take is reflection of God’s grace. He is the one who gave us life and He sustains us from moment to moment as we go through our busy days. We exist and live because of His sovereign choice. We have life because He chose to bring us into His great plan for human history. If there had been a million blueprints of possible universes and plans for human history, the one currently in existence and being executed is the best of them of all. Of course, in the infinite wisdom of God, there was only one plan and it was perfect from the beginning. Our lives were decreed within that plan, and every act of every creature was factored into it, and whether we see righteousness or sin, all that occurs was foreknown by Him and all history is ultimately being directed by His sovereign hand to the place that brings ultimate glory to Him with the return of Christ and the establishment of His kingdom on earth.

       All around us we see a world in turmoil, but God always remains on His throne. Men war and struggle on many fronts, but a day will come when God shall calm them all, as easily as Christ calmed the stormy waters with only a word (Matt. 8:23-27). The challenge for every Christian is to keep his eyes on the Lord and to trust Him at His Word, that He “causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose” (Rom. 8:28).

Steven R. Cook, D.Min.

About Steven R. Cook, D.Min.

Steven is a Christian educator. His webpages communicate evangelical Christian doctrines and topics. Steven earned a Master of Divinity degree in 2006 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and completed his Doctor of Ministry degree in 2017 from Tyndale Theological Seminary. His articles are theological, devotional, and promote a biblical worldview. Studies in the original languages of Scripture, ancient history, and systematic theology have been the foundation for Steven’s teaching and writing ministry. He has written several Christian books, dozens of articles on Christian theology, and recorded more than three hundred hours of audio and video sermons. Steven worked in jail ministry for over twelve years, taught in Bible churches, and currently leads a Bible study each week at his home in Arlington, Texas.
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