Steven R. Cook


Dr. Steven R. Cook is a Christian educator. He is protestant, conservative, and dispensational. Studies in the original languages of Scripture, ancient history, and systematic theology have been the foundation for Steven’s teaching and writing ministry. He has written several Christian books, dozens of articles on Christian theology, and recorded more than nine hundred hours of audio and video messages. Steven hosts weekly Bible studies at his home in Arlington, Texas, where he records most of the Bible lessons for his podcast and YouTube channel. Steven’s ministry activity is entirely voluntary (articles, blogs, podcasts, and video lessons), as he works a full time job as a Case Manager for a local nonprofit agency that helps the elderly and disabled in the community. 


  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Education (145 hours) from Wayland Baptist University (1998). Major: Human Services
  • Post-graduate studies in Classical Literature (27 hours) at Texas Tech University (2000-2002).
  • Master of Divinity (92 hours – with biblical languages) from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2006).
  • Doctor of Ministry (52 hours + Dissertation) from Tyndale Theological Seminary (2017). 

Book Publications:

  1. Making a Biblical Marriage.  
  2. Thinking on Scripture – Volume 1
  3. Thinking on Scripture – Volume 2
  4. Knowing God in Prison
  5. Suffering: A Biblical Consideration.
  6. The Cross of Christ: Sufficient to Save.
  7. The Christian Life: A Study of Biblical Spirituality.
  8. Overcoming Evil in Prison: How to be a Light in a Dark Place.
  9. Sin: A Brief Biblical Analysis

Journal/Chapter Publications:

  1. God’s Righteousness Imputed to the Believer – Journal of Dispensational Theology
  2. What is the Church? – What is Dispensationalism?

Contact Steven:

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