16 thoughts on “The Lord is My Shepherd – Psalm 23

  1. Dr. Steven –

    Great commentary. This Psalm was the center-piece at my dad’s funeral in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in 1971. Very memorable.

    And re: David and the Psalms – from my study; seems to me that in many (most?) of the Psalms, David is experiencing some sort of physical pain or “trouble” from the people he was either trying to govern or trying to battle. In “war” and in “peace” seems David had his “troubles” — and yes, some (again, most?) self-inflicted. How we (I) seem to reflect his life and life-style often. Learning is a difficult pastime.

    Thanks for your insight. God bless you…


    On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 6:00 AM, Thinking on Scripture wrote:

    > Steven R. Cook, D.Min. posted: ” The 23rd psalm is known and > appreciated by many, but it belongs personally only to those who call God > their shepherd. It is a song of David’s confidence in God who faithfully > provides for him. David pictures God as a shepherd who guides, provides, > an” >

    1. Hi Terry, thanks for the comment. Yes, I think David wrote many of the Psalms during a time of personal conflict. I think that’s partly why the Psalms resonate with so many people when they’re facing hardship.

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